Dough Nation Pizza, blue-corn quesadillas, fig hazelnut granola and stylin' pork products

may 27, 2016
Inline image 3Susan Weseen made mountains of granola with her mom as a kid growing up in British Columbia and was hooked on the stuff. Years later, when she was a public school librarian in Brooklyn - she was diagnosed with Graves disease and had to eliminate gluten from her diet (among other things). After trying several store-bought gluten-free granola options that did not satisfy, she rolled up her sleeves and started to tinker with her mom's recipe. She came up with her Dragonfly Granola which has earned raves including this one from  New York Magazine food editor Robin Raisfeld. Her granola flavors include fig hazelnut, cherry walnut and date pistachio.  Each flavor comes in 3 varieties: original, gluten free and low-glycemic and are almost completely organic -- save for the dates.
On the day she had to decide what to name her company, Weseen, now an elementary-school teacher, toyed with the name Dragonfly because she's always been fond of the insect (symbol of change and prosperity). Then, not one but two dragonflies, hovered above her windshield as she was driving to work. Kismet. Dragonfly Granola makes its Hastings debut this Saturday.
Inline image 1With berry season upon us, treat yourself to a bag and some Sohha yogurt for a true breakfast of champions.

Raven & Boar is also joining us this week and will be coming periodically throughout the summer season.  Their pork - from heritage pigs fed on whey-soaked grains and acorns -  is the talk of Hudson Valley chefs for its unique flavor and marbling.

Ruby and Sather Duke are furniture designers and manufacturers who started raising large black heritage pigs when they moved their design business from Brooklyn to East Chatham in 2009. They are as meticulous about their pork products as they are about the slope of a chair or the turn of a table leg. They offer a panoply of pork parts from belly to jowl - but also lots of traditional European charcuterie like pate de campagne, liver mousse and pate made with duck and pork.  They also sell pulled pork by the pint.
Inline image 2Carve out some time for gardening this weekend: Sun Sprout Farm will be bringing plantings of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, mint, thyme, kale, dill, cilantro, broccoli and basil.
Clean Ridge Soap is here this week after many months away so bring an extra bag just to stock up on their soothing, good-smelling lotions and herbaceous kitchen soaps.
Plan to have lunch at the market: both the Dough Nation Pizza Truck AND Mexican Mariachi will be here with their made to order quesadillas and grilled corn.

reason to linger: Ruby Reilly is back in the music tent this week...
Can't think of a better way to close out our "winter" market season.  Starting next week, the market will be held every Saturday and the hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

See you at the market!