Radicchio marmalade, pillowy pretzels, streusel v. streudel - and get out of my (cheese) head!

So - as you know - I'm not a bullet point kind of gal. But sometimes, we have so many new vendors at the market in one day, I need to resort to a simple list.

Here goes:

* Anna Maria's (Savory) Jams, Clifftown NJ (via Piemonte)

In Piemonte, where Dominique Debroux grew up, jam is not limited to bread or breakfast. Most jams are in fact, savory, and are served with cold sliced meats, charcuterie and cheese. Consider Debroux's bittersweet radicchio marmalade with hints of citrus...or her sweet red pepper jam with a hit of cherry pepper fire.

These jams, named after her mother who taught her the jam trade,  are exquisite. Perfect teacher gifts.

breakfast2-1* Bronx Baking Co. , Da Bronx

Alexis Faraci set out to make the best pretzel ever and she has come pretty darn close: New York Magazine recently named her fluffy pretzels among the top ten in the city. 



* Strudel-Z, Hudson NYunnamed

I know you are going to fall in love with both the strudel and the charming, lovable man who sells it. This is no ordinary strudel - it is so packed with fruit (why limit your strudel to apple when living in the bountiful Hudson Valley?) you can't help but feel righteous eating it. Later in the season he will be offering savory strudel packed with local chard, spinach etc.   He sells it the old fashioned way - by the slice, ($3 or $6 slices) which he measures with a stick. Need I say more? (Kaffee Klatsch NY also here, sellng apple streusel - crumb topping).

* Dobbs & Bishop Cheese, Bronxville NY

I discovered this cheese purveyor at the Bronxville Farmer's Market and fell in love with his tantalizing selection of New York/Vermont cheeses which happened to be all of my personal favorites. We hope they will visit often...

Raven & Boar, Hudson, NY is back this week so between their gorgeous pork cuts, and artful sausage, FarmEATS' delcious burger meat and steaks, Southtown's pork chops and spatch-cock chicken and WilHI's lamb you have no excuse not to grill this weekend.

It's not too late to buy tickets to this Sunday's "Superiority" cocktail party at the Library honoring our Super Sues - Sue Feir and Sue Smith. As you know Sue Feir has retired from running our fabulous Library and, as the original founder  of the Hastings Farmer's Market 20 years ago,  Sue Smith is the reason we are able to offer you this laundry list of fantastic vendors today. Hope you will all come out and raise a glass to these, well, spitfire ladies. Sometimes it takes a village. Sometimes it just takes two Sues...

Starting this week Blue Rock School will be running a (free) nature-themed crafts table at the market twice a month. Check it out!

Music: Les Tappan Zigues

See you at the market!