Make Dad (food) happy on Father's Day....and have his knives sharpened while you're at it!

june 17, 2016  

On their day, Moms who usually cook, like to be wined and dined. A massage is always nice. But, in my experience, fathers like to spend their special day as close to possible to a grill. Or a smoker. The bigger - the better. So you could choose to get Dad a necktie, a cocktail shaker or a fine leather wallet. Or, you can get him what he really wants: meat for the grill.

And boy, do we have you covered in the meat department this weekend. Stone & Thistle Farm is here with their gorgeous cuts of pastured pork, beef and chicken as well as sausage made with chicken, pork, duck and goat all cleverly named and jammed with local herbs and seasonings) and Southtown Farms is bringing down their full breadth of pork cuts, including pork belly - also delicious on the grill...Squash isn't in season yet, but you can grill up some of Sun Sprout Farm's behemoth bok choy instead!

And, don't forget, gills - as in tuna and swordfish - also shine on the grill. Ask Paul at Pura Vida what he recommends for the grill in Saturday's catch.
Did you know that just named Bien Cuit's croissant the BEST in NEW YORK. This on the heels of New York Magazine naming Bronx Baking Co's pretzels among the top ten best in the the city. We are so proud! 

Last week - nopales. Can't wait to see what Mariachi Mexico is putting in their tacos this week. Make sure to ask what their vegan option of the day is!

And, if you are entertaining your parents for Father's Day, be sure to pick up some flowers for the house from Tiny Hearts.
Calcutta Kitchens, Peanut Principle, Brooklyn Kimchi, Asian Farmer Dumplings, Found Herbal, Larchmont Charcuterie are among our rotating vendors this week. Don't pass them by!  And since this is the third Saturday of the month - there will be gleaning for the local food pantry AND you can get your knives sharpened. (What Dad wouldn't want his carving knives sharpened for father's day?).  
If you are still looking for cool teacher gifts: Found Herbal, our new, traveling market apothecary is here this week with truly original, herbal concoctions from infused honeys and tinctures and lotions to sunscreen for kids...
. See you at the market! p.s. If you are interested in helping out at the market but missed our volunteer open house, don't despair. We're having an mini info-session tomorrow at the market at 9:30. Stop by the market tent then-or anytime-for info on ways to get involved.