EAT BETTER in 2012!

Come shop the Hastings Farmers Market tomorrow! We are open from 9 am. to 1 p.m. at the James Harmon Community Center.For many, it's a three-day weekend, and a cold one at that - (our Johnny come-lately winter has arrived) so load up on all things "soup". This is the time of year when you're so glad  you spent the big bucks on that Le Creuset since it becomes the workhorse of your kitchen. I looked out my window this morning and thought "stew." If you've never made stew or it's been a long while, noodle around on They've got some great recipes for lamb and beef stew that won't weigh you down. (The stew pot should be heavy, not the stew). And remember, meat doesn't own stew. Check out our recipe for Provencal fish stew with fennel, roasted tomatoes and garlic on our recipe page.It's light and aromatic and deeply satisfying. (Madura should have the hothouse tomatoes and fennel you need tomorrow...)

Other vendors include: Fork & Glass (come get your south of the border fix), True Food of Nyack (try their new pot pies!), Pura Vida, Roaming Angus, Panzarella, Lasagna Preziosa, Meredith's, Bread Alone, Orchards of Concklin, Bombay Emerald Chutney, Kontoulis Olive Oil, Mtn. Smokehouse, Tierra Farm Organic Nuts (and coffee!), Pie Lady of Nyack, Station Cafe, Honey Locust Farmhouse, Cowberry Crossing, Picklelicious, Guyank Brand hot sauce...

Start the new year with sharp knives! Matt the Knife is in the house... See you at the market!