Why go to the mall when you could go to the market?

Any number of vendors at the Hastings Farmers Market tomorrow will have items that would make interesting gifts for the foodies on your list this holiday season: Why not put together a gift basket of products from Hummingbird Ranch (honey, syrup, lip balm, facial masks?) Or a hodgepodge of Honey Locust jams & elixirs?  (A bottle of fine gin with an elderberry elixir makes a stunning gift for any aspiring mixologist). What serious cook wouldn't want a gift certificate for knife-sharpening services in their stocking? Ready Set Sharp is selling $25.00 gift cards (good for $30 worth of knife-sharpening services). In fact, they are offering a 20% discount on all knife-sharpening services tomorrow! Don't insult your Christmas goose with a dull knife!

I can't imagine a cat-sitter, teacher or good neighbor who wouldn't appreciate some Clean Ridge Soap. Co. lotion & soap. Doesn't the UPS guy deserve a bar of cedar soap?

Fork & Glass will be serving up their delicious Nordic crepes and quesadillas filled with chorizo and potato. True Foods will have a variety of burritos served piping hot. And several vendors will be selling prepared soups for those crazy weekday nights in December when you just don't have it in you to start one from scratch. Remember, Dutch Desserts tarts, Pie Lady of Nyack pies and all of Roaming Angus' & Cowberry Crossing's meats freeze remarkably well. So do Pika's Quiches and potpies! It's going to be a long stretch until mid-January...make sure you get plenty of everything you crave!
We'll be in the Library Lot from 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.