dear shoppers,

Sabine burst through the front door after school yesterday hungrier than usual.
What did she ask for? An egg.
It's her new favorite food. She is obsessed with variation of color of both shell and yolk. She likes that the eggs at Wright's Orchard often have one small blue-ish egg in the corner slot and always volunteers to eat that one, with another big one of course.
We ran out of eggs and had to buy supermarket eggs a couple weeks ago. Sabine was the first to notice their disappointing pallor in color and taste. I don't know how to tell her that there may be an organic egg shortage in our future as farmers are facing a shortage of organic corn feed. Fortunately, we should have plenty of eggs at market tomorrow (Raghoo, Roaming Angus, Cowberry Crossing, Wright's Orchard, Concklin Orchards).
Speaking of eggs - the market and Concklin are working together to donate 12 dozen eggs to our local Food Pantry each week during the winter market.
If like me (and Bean), you are always looking for ways to eat eggs beyond breakfast, you'll like this post on 13 ways to prepare eggs for dinner from Food52, including the eggs cooked in spiced tomato sauce with mint. My mother used to make a version of this dish with fresh sliced tomatoes and basil instead of mint. Of course, a mushroom omelet (with lots of curly parsley)  is always welcome at our house: please welcome Wittibank Farm and their lovely array of mushrooms tomorrow.
Sunday is Oscar night. If you're having a party, why not make some very 70s' deviled eggs in honor of  American Hustle? (also consider hummus, Tamari almonds, any cheese from Consider Bardwell, D & J's lovely dumplings....)
See you at the market.