After all that shoveling…SUSTENANCE. The Farmer's Market it OPEN

dear shoppers, While some of our upstate vendors are trapped by snow, most of them will be at the market tomorrow. Feeling housebound? Come to the market for some neighborly love and good grub.

Lasagna Preziosa will have heart-shaped focaccia  in case the snow put a damper on your Valentine's Day (and because no date on the calendar should dictate when you're feeling "twitterpated").

That's exactly how I felt when I first laid eyes on Mushroom Farmer Gary Hill's culinary mushroom display. So gorgeous, tender and flavorful. Make sure to give him a Hastings welcome.

Clean Ridge Soap Co. has not been here for a while but they are ready to stock your kitchen counters and bathroom shelves with their addictive & aromatic kitchen soaps and lotions....

Samosa Shack will be bringing samosas stuffed with saag paneer and Bombay Emerald's Nirmala Gupta is raving about her new ROTI wrap offerings.image

Brooklyn Bean is back by popular demand. In case you missed them the last time they were here, they sell heirloom beans from area farms and several types of chili and black bean burgers, too. Good stuff.

Healthway is also returning with their panoply of potatoes - including pinkish-red fleshed ones. I bought one of their humongous rutabagas last time and baked it in wedges (parboil first!). Thumbs up from everyone around the table.

Check out this week's recipe, a super easy beef stew recipe that should help warm you up from the inside out.

See you at the market!