Potato Bliss, new cow's milk cheese and fresh meadow butter at the farmer's market tomorrow!

dear shoppers, Have you ever had hashed browns made with Adirondack Blue potatoes...they keep their indigo color even as they crisp up. As flavorful as they are artful.

Healthway Farms will be visiting us tomorrow with their eight varieties of  spuds, including their popular Adirondack Blues. They will be coming all the way down from  Highland N.Y., with crates of gnarly carrots, parsnips and turnips, too for all your soup and stew needs this week.

I first discovered them at a Green-market in Brooklyn. I bought some of their potatoes and had a little epiphany in my kitchen -  so this is what a potato should really taste like...and I've wanted them to come to one of my markets ever since.

Make sure you buy several different types - some for mashing, others for roasting.

Wouldn't it be nice to put some fresh creamery butter on those potatoes?

Kriemhild Dairy Farms is bringing their Sweet Cream Meadow Butter this Saturday.  Located on a 730-acre parcel of land in Hamilton N.Y, they produce a slow-churned European creamy butter in both salted and unsalted varieties made with milk from grass-fed cows. Check them out and tell us what you think!

In other dairy news, Consider Bardwell, the Vermont cheese-makers who are a mainstay at the Union Square Market are also joining our lineup this Saturday.

There's been a cow's milk cheese void at the market for a while, and I am so happy they will be bringing their wheels of aged raw cow's milk cheeses, including an Alpine style cheese much like Comte or Gruyere and an Italian-style Toma.

Sounds like there's a cheese platter in your future...

If, like me, your spice cabinet is looking slightly desperate after the holidays, worry not, Spice Revolution is back (finally!). I will be first in line for some salt, cumin, fermented garlic, bay leaves and more..

The Samosa Shack's samosa flavors are full of sass and spice this week: jerk chicken and carrot Kari (Indian style roasted carrots and pepper). A more exotic alternative to chicken wings for your Superbowl spread?

While most Americans have football on the brain this weekend, others are looking ahead to spring and the "other" national pastime....

Consider registering for Little League before or after your market shop. Registration will be open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. inside the Rec. Center office.

Warning:  you will have to walk past the Savor Cookies table to get there.

Their cookies are hopelessly addictive.

Since it's all about the pigskin this weekend, here's a carnitas recipe from SmittenKitchen. Game on!

See you at the market!