From Farm to Grill

dear shoppers, Why do I love living in Hastings? Because a friend of a dear friend just dropped off a giant tub of sour cherries from her backyard in my entryway, thinking I could use them.

How sweet is that?

Actually sour cherries aren't sweet at all which is why, like rhubarb, they are so content in a pie.

This is the twice-baked Melissa Clark pie I plan to make this weekend with my bounty: Pre-baking the pie crust ensures your fruit pie will be syrupy but not soggy. Quelle difference!

No worries there should be plenty of sour cherries at the market for you.

If you are hosting a bbq (or two) this weekend, we will have plenty to offer your Weber:

Southtown Farms has eight different varieties of sausage and brats. Grass-fed beef patties and spatchcock chicken. Also: Pura Vida has tuna and swordfish and other "meaty" fish that are perfect for kebabs.

Wiltbank Mushrooms is back for another week (when it gets too hot Gary and his fabulous fungi will bow out for the season) you can saute some mushrooms with garlic, add parsley then layer them on top of your grilled steak or burgers.

You know what else that burger might need? Ketchup! GOOD ketchup.

Please welcome guest vendor NY CHUP - with their handcrafted, small-batch bottles of ketchup (all individually numbered) in flavors like bourbon, habanero and cilantro lime.


Also visiting this week Ol' Darlin' Soaps - handcrafted in the Ramapo valley.

Very unique soaps (some are embedded with a natural loofah sponge) made with local ingredients.

Occasional vendors Larchmont Charcuterie, The Peanut Principle and Saratoga Crackers are also here this Saturday so stock up while you can.


Morgiewicz is bringing their first cooling cucumbers of the season...Can't go wrong with a cucumber & Painted Goat feta salad as a side dish this weekend.


Also new this week: An "ask the Mayor" table. Peter Swiderski, will be stationed in front of the Village Hall steps ready to answer questions and explain local issues.

And, most likely, wish you a very Happy Fourth...



KID's YOGA at 9:30 a.m. with Allison Schubert


FYI: Station Cafe is not at the market tomorrow: French Press will be providing your morning jolt. Teagevity will be there, too...with hot and iced organic teas.

See you at the market!