Grass-fed beef, Bien Cuit baguettes and summer squash....

dear shoppers, Did you see the green and yellow squash that Taliaferro Farms brought to market last week?

image-27I was inspired to dig up this old recipe for a  summer squash gratin with salsa verde and gruyere from Food52, a hearty crowd pleaser that goes well with grilled meats.

Matt Saldano of Southtown Farms will be bringing grass-fed beef to the market for the first time this season.

If you aren't on his mailing list consider signing up. Always nice to get inside the head of a farmer. Consider this excerpt from a recent blog post of his.

“Anthropologists will tell you that human beings always belonged in tribes. I think this is very true. My tribe is made up of farmers and customers that I get to chat with each week. Every market day, I go home with a smile on my face. Not for the sales we make, but for the community we have built and the relationships we have forged.”

Make your meal complete by preparing this bright summer slaw which features sweet carrots and cooling kohlrabi. Serve with a glass of Whitecliff Winery's Traminettte would go down very nicely with this slaw...

The Pure Food Sisters - masters of all things pesto - are back this week. And, please check out visiting vendor Jnana Organics with their almond milks and fresh-pressed vegetable juices and boutique salads.

image-29Speaking of salads, have you tried the new organic kale salad at True Foods? Made with mushrooms, tender lacinato kale leaves, almonds and an apple cider vinaigrette it is as delicious as it is righteous - perfect with one of Bien Cuit's "mini" baguettes.

You'll have to get to the market early for these babies...


See you at the market!