Join us at our LAST weekly market of the season...

dear shoppers, Well, we've done it again.  We've gone from rhubarb to rutabaga in the blink of an eye.

Aside from last Saturday's whipping winds, the weather gods smiled upon us once again this year.  This season we saw more new "faces" at the market than ever before.

So glad that the market continues to grow and attract lovers of  good food, sound food- politics, our planet, good music, beautiful vistas, and, of course, community.

I love that our market ends on the busiest food shopping day of the year. It seems right to send our farmers home with empty crates while we go home with bulging market bags. How nice that we can serve our guests - be they local or traveling -  all that the Hudson Valley has to offer.

If you ordered  your holiday bird from Southtown Farms - tomorrow is pick up day. Matt will be in a different location tomorrow (near Neversink) so you don't have to schlep your bird across the plaza.

PLEASE check in at the market tent and we will tell you how/where to pull up with your car when you are done shopping so we can help you load up. This is only for shoppers who have purchased a turkey and for anyone who has picked up a large centerpiece from Tiny Hearts. (Don't forget to wish Luke a happy birthday - whether you buy flowers or not).

Alex's French Crepes will also be making dessert crepes with organic Nutty Spread tomorrow. He will also be selling some butternut squash soup.

Don't forget to buy herbs, garlic, shallots and leeks tomorrow.  You WILL need them.

Buy extra of whatever you plan to mash - be it yellow potatoes, sweet potatoes or parsnip because you'll wish you'd made more come leftovers day

I love parsnips and I love anything David Tanis cooks.

image-63So, it goes without saying that I will be serving this side dish  next week. Lucky for me I took my own advice and stocked up on spices from Calcutta Kitchen last week.

I might make two stuffings this year  - one vegetarian and one  with sausage (sage sausage from Southtown or duck sausage from Hudson Valley Duck Farm.)


This recipe for sausage and ciabatta stuffing reminds me of my mom's stuffing, though she used wild rice instead of bread in her stuffing, which is more traditionally French. I will use Bien Cuit's  pain de mie instead of ciabatta as a happy medium and whatever

unnamed "pain" is leftover  I'll use for French Toasts on Friday morning. Wouldn't it be nice if there were enough cranberry, ginger and citrus sauce left over to dress them?

You can find both these make-ahead recipes  here.

Also - don't stress. If we run out of anything at the market tomorrow there's always the Sunday Irvington Farmer's Market as a back up! It will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (though Broadway will be very briefly closed around 1:45 for the annual Irvington Turkey Trot foot race) at the Main St. School.

Please remember to donate to our GLEANING basket. One pound of potatoes for yourself, and one for a family that might otherwise go without.

Wishing you a safe, joyful and delicious holiday.

Our music: didn't expect the weather to be this warm, so still scrambling. Please forgive us if we go without tomorrow...or shoot me an email if you are free to perform.

We WILL be having Christmas Caroling led by Gillian Anderson at our Dec. 19th  winter market which will be held at the Library Lot from 9 to noon.  Gill will hand out sheet music and singers of all skill levels are welcome to join in from 10:30 to 11:30. Always a highlight of the holiday season.

See you at the market!