Nutella: Meet your Match!

Nutella. Kids love it.

Parents concerned about the high sugar and fat content? Not so much.

Enter Nutty Spread, an organic, handcrafted chocolate hazelnut spread made right here in the Hudson Valley.

"Nutty Spread" is the brainchild of Joseph Briggs and Kerstin Kup of Valatie, NY. Both are passionate gardeners and homesteaders who love to cook, and especially love to serve (and eat!) fresh, healthy, whole food.

Their spread , which is also fair-trade, comes in three flavors: original creamy Milk Chocolate, luscious Dark Chocolate (which is completely dairy-free) and Dark Chocolate Crunch (dairy-free with deep roasted hazelnut bits).

Whereas Nutella is made up of only 13 percent hazelnuts, Nutty spreads are made up of 41 percent hazelnuts in every jar.

Is it any wonder Martha Stewart  (a big fan) invited Nutty to last month's American Made food event at the Center for Social Innovation?

They will be making their debut at the Farmer's Market this week.


Alex's French Crepes will be using Nutty Spread in their crepes tomorrow. I think it's a wonderful excuse to throw a crepe party at home, don't you?


Here  is a fail-proof basic buckwheat crepe batter from Bon Appetit.

You can start your party with some savory crepes filled with Wiltbank Farm's gourmet mushrooms and Painted Goat crumb;ed goat cheese, or melted aged cheddar from The Cheese Guy, Southtown Farm eggs and bacon or wilted with caramelized shallots, and spinach or chard.

For dessert, wouldn't a little dark chocolate Nutty spread taste divine incorporated into this Jamie Oliver  recipe for buckwheat crepes with poached pear?

Here's a  recipe for a "nutty" soup that I can't wait to try. It's from Yvette van Boven's latest recipe book - WINTER which could single-handedly get me through any winter blues.

image-62This is going to be Painted Goat's last visit of the season.  Not only are they short on product, but cheesemaker Ilyssa Berg and her husband  Javier Flores  are expecting a baby boy in two weeks. We wish them well with their new "kid."  They will be back in early spring...


Matt Soldano (happy belated Veterans' Day from all of us at the market Matt!) of Southtown Farms has switched to a new dairy - Trickling Springs Dairy from Pennsylvania. Let us know what you think of their products...

He also has a few turkeys left so make sure to place your order if you are hosting this year.

Just in time for the dramatic drop in temperature True Food is bringing their belly-warming butternut squash curry and their root vegetable winter soup - both completely vegetarian.

Should you want to make your own curry, Calcutta Kitchen is bringing her new spice line tomorrow. I will be first in line for garam masala as I am on currently on a curry jag.

unnamed-1Bombay Emerald Chutney Co. is here with their cranberry chutney  - always popular this time of year. Stock up for Thanksgiving - a jar of this would make a great hostess gift.

As would a jar of preserved heirloom tomatoes from City Saucery...And any dressing from MOMO.


Be sure to pick up a winter market schedule at the market table tomorrow...

Music: MILTON! (weather permitting - if temps are above 40 degrees, Milty will perform. Most likely, 11 to 1 p.m.)

See you at the market!