Market, market make me a match!

dear shoppers, Last month we celebrated the wedding of one of our farmers, Ian Taliaferro and his longtime girlfriend, Mary-Kate.

Today, we celebrate some of the other great pairings at our market.

Did you know, for example, that Penny Lick Ice Cream uses brownies from Rich's Brownies in her Butterscotch and new Red Velvet ice cream? Or that she uses star anise from Spice Revolution to make her licorice ice cream?

Or that Taiim is using Bombay Emerald's plum chutney for one of their hummus flavors? Or that Rich Brownies is using Chatham Brewery's stout to make her "Guinness" style brownie?

Or that Pure Food sisters is using garlic scapes from Gaia's Breath and Taliaferro to make their pesto? Or that Savor cookies is using smoked black peppercorns and applewood-smoked sea salt from Spice Revolution for his savory cookies?

Or that Spice Revolution is using Hummingbird Ranch's orange blossom honey for a milk chocolate bar she is developing and will have at the market next week?

Love is a beautiful thing.

Please brave the tail-end of this abominable heat wave this Saturday and come get your stone fruit and berries for all your smoothie needs...In a couple of days the heat will break and you will want to cook again. Really. So make sure you have what you need in the fridge!

A couple of announcements:


Crepes and Duck are on vacation this week and the Pizza truck is at an Italian Festival upstate. This might be a good week to break from your routine and try those Bistro du Soleil tacos for lunch. They also have a delicious array of chilled prepared salads like summer corn and avocado. True Foods is also coming up with new and different salads made with local ingredients each week. And Taiim sells their delicious falafal sandwiches at the market now.

You can expect some lively toe-tapping fiddle music from Firefly this weekend.

Is a nasty garden pest eating your nasturtium? Bring a leaf to the market and let the folks at Cornell Cooperative Extension identify the pest and tell you how to get rid of it. They are SUPER knowledgeable and always happy to help...They are located right in front of the Library.

On another note:  As you know we have a lovely relationship with our Library who graciously lets us use their parking lot every Saturday for the market. Circulation at the library is up on Saturdays and we think the synergy is great. However, there have been problems lately with children left unattended in all areas of the library. No doubt this has been compounded by the heat wave. Consider this a gentle reminder that children under 9 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please respect this Library rule as well as the library's quiet environment...Thank you!

See you at the market!