Mother's Day and the Market

dear shoppers, You know it's an important day when all AYSO soccer matches are canceled. Yes, Mother's Day is upon us. That means moms everywhere will wake up on Sunday desperately wanting coffee but being ordered to stay put for that once a year extravaganza: breakfast in bed.

The Hastings Farmers Market will have lots of items to put on that wobbly bed-tray. Farm-fresh eggs, bacon (both duck and pork), golden loaves of bread for jamming or drizzling with honey (both Hummingbird Ranch and Honey Locust Farmhouse are at market tomorrow); scones and croissants (which crisp up quite nicely the next day); smoked trout on toast points with a glass of Champage? Why not?

The Orchards of Concklin will have plenty of cut flowers and potted annuals and perennials. Other Mother's Day gift ideas from the market include lotions & soaps from Clean Ridge Soap Co. Or you could surprise Mom by having all her knives sharpened for her, or by splurging on some Kontoulis Olive Oil. Hastings Farmers Market t-shirts, now in rosy rhubarb red, are also an option as are Kim Sava vintage aprons - all available at the market tent.

If you're cooking dinner for mom on Sunday, here's a lovely NYT recipe for spring risotto made with new carrots and leeks.  If you have a good source for ramps you might want to use ramps instead of conventional leeks. Yes, carrots and leeks are available year-round but this is when they are at their sweetest - just like kids on Mother's Day.

See you at the market!