Will the chill kill the grill?

dear shoppers, I should be brushing off the grill for weekend cookouts and, instead, I just pulled some Nigel Slater boeuf Bourguignon we made this winter out of the deep freeze for dinner. What gives? Possible snow on Memorial Day weekend? Seriously?

The good news is that all this rain is Manna from heaven for our farmers who had a tough, dry April.

In fact, Morgiewicz Produce who doesn't normally show up until June 1st, our official opening day for the summer season, has asked to come tomorrow with some early radishes and spinach and herbs. It'll be good to see Sophie again wearing her plastic head scarf and galoshes.

As you know we are a rain or shine market so we will all be there - fideles au poste, as my mother likes to say. Our farmers come a long way, so even if all you want to do is hide under your covers in the morning, please dash out to the market briefly and make a few purchases. The sun will come out eventually and then you'll wish you had something to barbecue.

Roaming Angus will have lots of chicken, Gaia's Breath has gorgeous cuts of Berkshire pork, and Pura Vida is bringing extra tuna and swordfish - two fish that love the Weber. (As do scallops, btw). Make it easy on yourself and grab some arugula pesto from the Pure Food sisters to rub on your fish or scallops or chicken. Meanwhile, Pika has a nice zucchini curry soup if you need something to ward off the chill.

Chatham Brewing Co. will be here should you decide to still have the party and move it indoors. The knife sharpener cannot make it tomorrow....he's taking a few days off before the summer madness.

Next week, we should have our full complement of vendors (greens a plenty!).

Until then, here's a seasonal soup from Martha Stewart that seems more fitting for the weekend than the slaw I had in mind.

See you at the market!