Shop for your Easter brunch (or lunch or dinner) at the Market this week...

And while you're at it...make sure you pick up some extra free-range eggs for painting and decorating. Early in the Christian calendar, eggs were forbidden for Lent which is why they were so honored and plentiful (and, in time, lavishly decorated) forty days later, at Easter.

But what to do with all those hard-boiled eggs once they've been gussied up and admired?

Food and Wine Magazine offers these mouth-watering recipes featuring hard-boiled eggs from smokey deviled eggs (made with wasabi and Sriracha) to a hearty salad with charred leeks and potato so that you can paint eggs to your heart's content without fretting about waste.

For those of you preparing a traditional leg of lamb, this classic Jamie Oliver recipe won't disappoint...or, if you want to cook up some of those heirloom beans from Brooklyn Bean, consider this Anne Willan recipe for French lamb "gigot" with white beans.

Also: The Saratoga Cracker Co. is back tomorrow. If you missed them two weeks ago make sure to pay them a visit this week.

And, Stone Barns is bringing their top-notch compost to market this week. Perfect timing as most of you are reconnecting with your garden this month.

The Orchards of Concklin should have lots of annual and perennials to add more color to your holiday.

See you at the market!