Come get your ramps at the Hastings Farmer's Market this Saturday...

Their season is fleeting so get them while you can. Gaia's Breath Farm and Neversink should have plenty to go around. These woodsy & delicate wild leeks ramp up the flavor in just about everything.

Lay the garlicky ramps atop a pizza, use them as a jumping off point for a light spring risotto (with asparagus and mushrooms or peas); or, you can make your own ramp pesto (very sharp!) or simply wilt the aromatic ramps and stir them into scrambled eggs,  pasta or rice.

Mario Batali's spaghetti & ramps recipe is a classic but the Food52 website has improved upon it with the addition of poached farm eggs and gussied up breadcrumbs.

This recipe was a BIG hit at our house this week.

And while ramps may steal the show this time of year, let us not overlook other spring greens turning up for the party: The Pure Food Sisters are making dandelion-greens pesto (nut free) and using roasted LOCAL asparagus in their market salads.

If you haven't tried the baby bok choy at the D & J Produce I urge to do so pick up a bundle or two and consider a stir fry with some of Gaia's Breath beautiful black pork this weekend.

And, if you're having a Kentucky Derby party - or simply watching the Derby - don't forget to grab fresh mint for those juleps...

In other market news...

Andrea Maddox, of Hudson Valley Duck Farm, gave our favorite toddler farmer, Merle,  a baby sister: Honey Ramona Marguerite Igoe was born on April 23rd at 2:37 a.m. - weighing in at 7 lb 15 oz.

And our very own Lizzy Duff Hyland brought baby Amelia Duff Hyland (9.5. lbs!) into the world around 9 a.m. on April 28th.

Both moms are doing well...

We will be open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Our next market is May 17th.

The weekly summer market schedule begins June 7th.

See you at the market!