Sunny skies for tomorrow's market...

dear shoppers, In three weeks, our lovely "plein-air" market will be back on a weekly schedule...and, we hope, a delicious part of your weekend routine.

Until then, please come to our last, slightly smaller "winter" market tomorrow in the Library Lot.

Tiny Hearts Farm, our new summer flower vendor from Copake (yes, the Kurtzes at Grammy's Gardens have finally retired - this time for good) will be dropping in on Saturday. They won't have their full array of flowers until June 7th but they'll bring enough hanging baskets to give your porches, stoops and balconies a spring lift.

Our knife sharpener will be here tomorrow as well so bring those lawnmowers and pruning shears: you're going to be needing them in the next few weeks.

Linzi from Spice Revolution will be here personally so be sure to stop by her tent with any spice queries. And stock up on spices for your bbq rubs, bay leaves and fermented garlic...

In her honor, I picked this Food & Wine recipe for a nice pork roast with bay leaves and fennel seed that can be eaten out of the oven or cold over greens or in a sourdough sandwich with Bombay Emerald Chutney, or Pure Food Sisters' dandelion  pesto, with some of Honey Locust's Miner's lettuce tucked in...

See you at the market!