Tacos and tag sales

dear shoppers, Love that the NYTimes Dining Section was devoted to tacos this week. As you've read here before, "market tacos" are a weekly staple at our house. A surefire way to get my kids to eat fish with relish. I can't wait to make the scallop tacos mentioned in the Pete Welle's story.

Our tacos at home are always vastly improved when I take the time to make the beans from scratch using the dried organic Cayuga Black Beans that Honey Locust carries, slow-cooked with cumin or adobo spices from Spice Revolution. The beauty of calling them "market" tacos is that we get to chop up any market greens that need eating. They are the perfect vessel for example, for those last little squares of Painted Goat feta in the tub. It crumbles ever so nicely over black beans, just like a queso blanco. Our market tacos may not always be the most authentic but they are local... and colorful!

What I love most about taco night is the cacophony during the first five minutes of dinner, when everyone is busy "assembling" their first taco, exactly to their liking. "Pass the beans, please..Who has the cilantro? Why is the rice WAY over there?” I usually sit back and wait until it passes averting the tangle of arms stretching across the table.

Here's a link to this week's dining section - in case you missed it!

Hope you all got the invite to the Oct. 20th Harvest Dinner benefiting, among other things, our local food bank and our efforts (through EBT and market coupons) to make the market more accessible for families who might not otherwise be able to shop there. Come by the market tent if you'd like more info or to reserve a spot.

Tomorrow is the Village-wide Tag Sale. Plan your market shopping accordingly.

Occasional vendors, Hummingbird Ranch, Flourish Baking Co. and Bombay Emerald are back this week. Bombay Emerald has a new line of Ayurvedic spices.

Milton is back in the music tent for his monthly gig.

See you at the market!