Can't live without...

dear shoppers, In honor of my daughter, Mina's 11th birthday are 11 things I can't live without from the market RIGHT NOW:

1. The Painted Goat's feta cheese

2. Edamame hummus from Taiim (on fennel slices)

3. The pre-washed kale at Taliaferro (for braising, salads or juicing)

4. The breakfast pizza from the Dough Nation Pizza Truck

5. The spatch-cock chicken from Raghoo Farms

6. Any chocolate Spice Revolution brings to market

7. Mint chocolate chip ice cream from Penny Lick Ice Cream

8. dumpling squash

9. Honey Crisp apples

10. The sweet bunches of lavender from Neversink Farms

11. Arugula Pesto from Pure Food Sisters

Our Harvest Dinner is Oct. 20th. We still have some tickets left. Please swing by the market tent tomorrow to reserve a seat.

Also: The 6th annual Apple Pie Contest is Oct. 26th. We will post the rules and judges next week. We will also host a pumpkin carving contest that start sketching!

The knife sharpener will be here on Oct. 19th (third Saturday).

The pizza truck is here this week but Riccardo Befi, of Lasagna Preziosa, is still in Italy. He'll be back next week...The Manhattan Chili Co. will be visiting and occupying Riccardo's spot. (Why waste an opportunity to try something new).

Have you noticed the carrots at the market these days? Some are petite and delicate (Neversink) others  (Madura and Morgiewicz) are HUGE.

Here are ten great carrot recipes from the Food52 website, via The Huffington Post...enjoy!

See you at the market!