The Hastings Farmer's Market is HIRING…and Bone Broth

dear shoppers, How have I been surviving these bitter cold temps? I've had a vat of bone broth simmering on my stove-top for a couple of days now. The constant aromatic simmer alone warms up this drafty house. And whenever I feel a chill coming on, I pour myself a shot. I've been doing the bone broth thing off and on for the last three winters now. My sister turned me on to it a while back when she went through some health issues and this was recommended to her by a nutritionist.

Bone-broth devotees (mostly folks who've gone Paleo) credit it with treating everything from eczema to cellulite to nervous stomachs. Who knows? What is true, is that when bones cook for an extended period of time, they do release collagen, amino acids and minerals, hence the health benefits of "broth-ing."

Personally, I just like the way the soothing elixir tastes and how it warms me up as it's going down. And, having a giant pot of broth on my stove at all times is incredibly handy. I use it as a base for all my soups and stews. I add it to my lentils or drop some in the rice cooker. Last night I added some to black beans for chicken tacos. I've even taken it to adding a spoonful or two to (my dog) Jasper's bowl of kibble.

Of course, starting with only the most pristine ingredients - ie meat, chicken and vegetables from the farmer's market - enhances the broth, as chefs and home cooks say in this article in the NYT about the bone- broth craze.

Here's a primer on the differences between broth, stock and soup from The Nourished Kitchen.

And, here is a fantastic stew recipe that will only benefit from a long-simmered homemade broth...

In other news, the HFM committee is indeed hiring! Here is the ad that ran in today's Enterprise:

"We are seeking an enthusiastic individual to assume a variety of duties in support of director Pascale Le Draoulec and the committee of volunteers that helps operate the market. Some heavy lifting required, and a working knowledge of social media and effective communication skills preferred. Hours are flexible, but include 7 a.m.-2:30 p.m. most Saturdays, June-November. Interested candidates must be willing to spend lots of time outdoors."

Please submit a cover letter and résumé to Nina Hogan, market committee vice president, at Deadline for submissions is March 20.

See you at the market!