The market it OUTDOORS tomorrow and we are open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bring your umbrellas!

dear shoppers, It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Linda Concklin Hill, 67, this week.

Linda was a farmer with deep roots in Rockland County: The Concklins planted their first fruit trees 300 years - and 11 generations - ago on land that was settled by Nicholas Concklin in 1712 under a grant from England's King George II.

In 2002, according to this story about Hill's passing in the Journal News, Hill helped negotiate a deal with the county whereby Rockland purchased the development rights on the farm for $2.3 million to keep as open space, while allowing the family to continue farming the apples, peaches and vegetables that we so enjoy at the farmer's market.

Hill, who died of cancer, will be remembered as a farmer and a fighter who held her own in a family of boys. She was at a Lower Manhattan market selling fruit on 9/11 and literally ran for her life at the urging of a police officer.

The farm is now operated by Hill's son, Scott, her brother, Rich Concklin, his wife, Ellen, and their children.

Photo by Mark Vergara of The Journal News


In honor of Linda, here's a comforting "pear crisp" recipe featuring seasonal orchard pears, from The Pioneer Woman.

Please give a warm welcome to guest vendor CITY SAUCERY visiting us this week.

City Saucery is a small batch tomato sauce company founded by Brooklyn resident Michael Marinp and Jorge Moret. The recipes for their sauces - SPICY, SWEET, LEAFY & SMOKY -- are inspired by Michael's mother. - Nonna Carolina - who will be at the market in person tomorrow to introduce her sauces to you.

Also NEW at the market tomorrow: Larchmont Charcuterie - authentic French country pate, cured chorizo and saucisson sec and beef prosciutto. The perfect thing for unexpected house guests during the holidays...

See you at the market!