January 5th 2019 Market News

Happy New Year! For many of us the new year represents new beginnings, a clean slate to try again or try new. Some of us set health goals and commit to changing eating habits. And some of us just need to press the reset button after indulging in the tastes of the holiday season. Whether you are making some significant changes in how you eat or you just need a mini- cleanse, a visit to the Market will help you begin the year with food that is good for you and good for the planet.

Everyone can benefit from eating more vegetables. Head to Sun Sprout's tent to stock up on root vegetables like rainbow carrots and purple potatoes, kale, chard, other winter greens, and sprouts. Sprouts are an easy addition to any diet. Throw on top of your toast, add to salads, or mix some in with your rice. They are mild in flavor but dense with nutrients.

Wheatgrass shots also pack a lot of nutrients into a small quantity. Guest vendor Freshly Made in bringing shots as well as detox juices and energy bites. All the juices and shots are pressed in their new South Bronx storefront, the brain child of two Bronx natives who want to bring healthier food options to one of NYC's most food insecure areas.  Stop by for a shot and give them a warm Hastings welcome!

While on the welcoming wagon, stop at the Kontoulis’ table. They’re back from the
two-month olive harvest and oil pressing in Greece. A staple of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is chock full of health benefits including guarding against heart disease and strokes. Pick up your bottle of freshly pressed oil tomorrow. 

See you at the Market!

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