After the storm - stew!

dear shoppers, Did you get a Le Creuset for the holidays and are itching to use it? Great because this post from the fab food52 website is like hitting the Dutch Oven jackpot: not one but 8 great stew recipes each more intriguing than the next.

Love the fact that there are two vegetarian options - including one made with chickpeas, yogurt and garlic.

I'm all about stovetop stews these days since our oven stopped working on Christmas Eve -  that's right - three hours before guests were due to arrive and when we were about to put in our 8 pound Roaming Angus rib roast. Fortunately, friends who were away let us use their oven for the night. Ditto for the next day when we needed to roast our holiday turkey. One bite of the stuffing - made with Gaia's Breath veal sausage, chestnuts, wild rice and Honey Locust's herbs and all was forgotten.

Wishing you many home-cooked meals in 2014...

We are INDOORS tomorrow. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the James Harmon Community Center, 44 Main St.

See you at the market.