Join us in song at the OUTDOOR farmer's market tomorrow at 10 a.m. PLUS: FRESH MILK AT LAST

dear shoppers, Local songbird Gillian Anderson will be leading shoppers in a festive round of Christmas carols at 10 a.m. so plan your shopping around the music.

And there's lots to crow about at tomorrow's market:

Gaia's Breath, Cowberry Crossing, Raghoo Farms and Roaming Angus should be well-stocked in meats and fowl to grace your holiday table from standing rib roasts to shanks for osso bucco and spatchcock chickens to whole duck.

Gaia's Breath is also bringing charcuterie, including country-style pate, veal pastrami and boudin blanc - a delicate white sausage made with veal, pork, cream and rice that is best when first blanched in chicken stock then pan roasted.

Samosa Shack promises to bring more samosas after selling out in two hours last week. Her new samosa filling is roasted purple cauliflower with sundried tomatoes.

And here is some very welcome news: Sohha Yogurt (Best. Yogurt. Ever.) is now bringing some of the fresh Hudson Valley milk they use to make their yogurt. And, yes, they do have chocolate milk.

Speaking of yogurt - the Pure Food sisters have new dip made with yogurt and kale. Do these sisters ever sleep?

Our recipe this week comes from and is perfect for a special occasion:

roasted prime rib with sauteed mushrooms and creamy horseradish sauce


And so is Milton since the weather's mild enough for music!

See you at the market!