We're back...

...and in the Library Lot tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. I hope you early birds enjoy that extra half hour of sleep. It looks like the rain will have moved on by then and we might even get a bit of sunshine for tomorrow's market. Still - bundle up and don't forget to wear fingerless gloves - easier for raking around the produce bins.

Please help us welcome a new vendor: Running Creek,  a no spray/low-spray farm in with lots of hoop houses in Valatie, NY.  Along with Madura and Neversink, they should keep us well-stocked in produce, including baby greens, throughout the winter.

Running Creek will also be bringing decorative holiday wreaths as will our local Boy Scouts, so tuck an extra twenty or two in your billfold.

Also paying us a visit tomorrow are two vendors from the Irvington and Chappaqua markets: First, Sohha Yogurt from Brooklyn. Their yogurt contains only three basic ingredients: sea salt, Hudson Valley milk and enzymes. It's the simplicity, and an old family recipe, that make this yogurt so distinctively good. It's not cheap - but expect a yogurt epiphany.

This is intended to be a savory yogurt. So don't go mixing it with honey and granola (though we won't come after you). Try it with some of Sohha's savory toppings - like za'atar, for example.

It is so exquisite you'll be tempted to savor it one dollop at a time. It's perfect as a topping for soups, potatoes, blinis and caviar or....samosas! Mini Dhingra, of the Samosa Shack, will be visiting. She makes her samosas (some traditional, some less so) by hand packing them with local ingredients like Raghoo Farms lamb and Madura's kale and ginger and sweet potatoes.  I can't wait to pair them with Bombay Emerald's chutneys.

And, Bombay Emerald is preparing some Indian "roti" wraps.

All these Indian delicacies should help keep us warm.

Soup, of course, always works and Bistro du Soleil should have plenty of their heartwarming &  healthy chicken soup on hand.

Prefer to make your own? You're in luck! Roaming Angus is having a special on chicken backs - also known as carcasses. He's bringing more than a 100...so make room in your stockpot.

Remember we won't be back until December 21st...so shop accordingly.

Judy Rodgers, the seminal chef from Zuni Cafe in San Francisco passed away this week at 57.  I give you her legendary recipe  for roast chicken with bread salad.  That dish at Zuni was a game changer for me.

See you at the market!